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The “Desk Aeronautico” portal was created with the aim of spreading aeronautical culture and information to all users, be they professionals or enthusiasts, by sharing regulatory updates, publications, AIRAC, notice to airmen and aeronautical news in text formats and simple and immediate graphics. The philosophy is to make the most important aeronautical information accessible to everyone in a single blog, without looking for numerous publications and having to interpret acronyms or decipher dozens of coordinate strings. If the news is of interest and an in-depth analysis is required for operational purposes, associated with each article you can find the official reference of the NOTAM or of the publication.

The name “Desk Aeronautico” refers to a place of study, knowledge, deepening, learning, where it is customary to consult the documentation: the desk. The yellow color, present in the portal, recalls the sign of what was the reference office for the pilots before his disappearance: the ARO. Instead of the usual “C” there is an unmistakable skyline of the Fiumicino control tower with a megaphone on the roof symbolizing the disclosure, which is the goal of the portal.

Please note that the information contained on the site is for informational purposes only, cannot be used for operational purposes. The publications and NOTAMs are extrapolated from the AIS sources at the time of writing the articles. For validity on the current date, please check through the competent offices and sources.

English version of website is under construction.

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