May 13/31: exercise “Joint Stars 2019”

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From May 13 to 31, part 1 of the “Joint Stars 2019” military exercise will take place on the Tyrrhenian and Sardinia. The “Joint Stars” is a large-scale exercise organized and managed directly by the Stato Maggiore della Difesa through its “operational arm”, that is the Comando Operativo di Vertice Interforze (Inter-operative Summit Command Office). For air activities, areas D and R will be used and different ad hoc areas will be set up to host intense military activity, firing, parachute launches and UAVs flight.

The “Joint Stars” is part of the broader context of the major exercises of the Armed Forces with the aim of achieving synergy and resource savings refining the capacity for intervention in an inter-agency and inter-agency framework in national and international contexts. This year for the first time in the exercise will participate personnel and assets of Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Enav, in addition to the operations of the Small Joint Operations-SJOs/High Intensity type, in environments characterized by the cyber threat and Biological Radioactive Nuclear Chemistry. Part 1 is a Live Exercise exercise during which the assets of the italian Armed Forces and some members of the US Marines Corps will deploy over 2000 men, more than 25 between aircraft and helicopters, dozens of vehicles land, sea and amphibians that will be engaged in intense day and night training activities.

Below the areas that will host the exercise are represented. Nearby traffic is required to comply with flight prohibitions in regulated areas and to pay adequate attention to the dangerous areas and to the specially areas/corridors set.

AreaLimiti verticaliAttivazione
"X-Ray"SFC-FL250 (FL85/250)H24
TC "Sierra South"FL180-FL250H24
TC "Perda"FL210-FL250H24
TC "Venus 01"FL210-FL250H24
TC "Venus 02"FL210-FL250H24
TC "Venus 03"FL210-FL250H24
TC "L-Bryan 01"FL150-FL200H24
TC "S1 APR"FL150-FL200H24
LI-D40 BSFC-FL195H24
LI-D84 ASFC-4000ft AMSLH24
LI-D84 B4000ft AMSL-FL115H24
LI-D84 CFL115-FL195H24
LI-D84 DFL195-FL260H24
TC "Bon" seg. 1-3FL150-FL200H24
TC "Bon" seg. 2FL180-FL250H24
LI-R59 ASFC-FL160H24
TC "U-Victor"FL140-FL200H24
TC "L-Bryan"FL150-FL250H24