Italy, restrictions for Russia: crisis map available

Following the evolution of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, restrictive measures have been adopted against the Russian Federation by the member states of the European Union. Numerous states are banning any Russian privately operated, charter, or Russian air operator certified aircraft from landing, taking off or flying over their territories. These prohibitions do not apply in the event of an emergency landing or emergency overflight.

The Italian NOTAM A1333/22 informs aircraft personnel of the prohibition to operate departures, arrivals and overflights of the Italian airspace by Russian private aircraft operators, charters or carriers or in possession of the Russian air operator certificate. In addition to emergency traffic, search and rescue (SAR) flights and flights for humanitarian purposes with prior authorization are also excluded from the ban.

From today it is possible to consult the NOTAMs in force of the other States issued due to the crisis in Ukraine through the new crisis map. The map shows the NOTAMs issued by the States that report bans, warnings to mariners and restrictions on their aircraft operators and aircraft registered following the evolution of the conflict. It is also possible to view the temporarily regulated or dangerous areas published ad hoc within which military operations are underway.