CAA reopens Milano-Linate in advance

The Director of the Lombardy CAA Office, with letter ENAC-ELM-09/07/2020-0068022-P of 9 July 2020, has ordered the reopening of the Milan-Linate airport for commercial operations starting from next 13 July. Capacity will be reduced to 10 hourly movements divided into 5 arrivals and 5 departures.

We remind you that Linate airport would have been closed to commercial operations at least until July 14 in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Transport no. 245 of 14 June 2020, because it is not included in the airports with guaranteed services. The same Decree, however, in art. 1 paragraph 4, gives the National Civil Aviation Authority the right to modify or integrate the list of these airports. The same Ministry of Transport has given a positive opinion to the early reopening to overcome inconvenience for users related to the prolonged inactivity of the Linate airport and to overcome the negative impact on the local economy. The need to reduce the hourly capacity was instead requested by the aerodrome operator due to the airport restyling works which would not allow the maintenance of the social distance at the security checkpoints.